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Graduation Certificates and Transcripts - Step 1/3

Quantity and Pricing
Ordering Graduation Certificates
Enables you to order certificates online
07 November 2014
*: 1 £30.00 ea.
*: 1 £25.00 ea.
*: 1 £25.00 ea.
*: 1 £25.00 ea.
*: 1 £30.00 ea.
*: 1 £25.00 ea.
*: 1 £10.00 ea.
*: 1 £30.00 ea.

Useful info

A replacement certificate is as an original reproduced in the current format and style. A certified copy is a black and white copy of the original. You can only order one replacement copy of an original certificate for each course attended.

Required Details

For every item you request you will need to enter :

Date of birth
First degree obtained
Year of graduation - first degree

Two Degrees?

If you have completed two degrees at Kingston and you wish to obtain a replacement or certified copies of your second degree you need to complete in addition:

Second degree obtained
Year of graduation - second degree

Further details section

Please add more information on your request - specify how many items you require for each degree. e.g. two certified copy of first degree certificate and one certified copy of second degree certificate.

Sending certificates to other addresses

Please complete delivery address(es) opposite to tell us where you want your document(s) delivered.

If you require more than one copy of the document and each one must be sent to a different delivery address, please enter the whole of the first address in the first delivery address field, the second address in the second delivery address field & so on.

If you have placed a previous order in the past 3 months, please email the delivery address for your subsequent order to